This is to all of my friends. I´m so glad to have you all in my life. Every single one of you that have texting me, emailed me, facebooked me, called me, hugged me.. to all of you that in someway made my week so much easier  ♥


Friends are people who'll never give up on you. They'll bug you when you have a bad day just to make you smile. They'll give you space when you need it. They won't question you. They'll understand whats wrong just by the look you give them. They aren't afraid to tell you what's on their mind or to be a little crazy with you. They aren't afraid to make a fool out of themselves to make you cheer up in front of their crush. Even if they have liked them forever. They won't lie to you to make you feel good, but they won't tell the truth if they know it'll only hurt you. They'll help you in any way they can just so you can land your perfect guy. No matter what you'll always have a place on their shoulder in case you need to cry.

Postat av: jessica

Fin blogg:D

Kolla in min med<3

2011-05-12 @ 17:41:04
Postat av: Nathalie

fin bild!

2011-05-12 @ 17:55:32
Postat av: Malin

Så fint gumman :-) Vilken tid ska vi träffas i morgon? Och var? Kram!

2011-05-12 @ 18:49:33
Postat av: claudia

Allt bra idag? :)

2011-05-12 @ 18:54:31
Postat av: Annah - Livet som tvåbarnsmamma

haha vad bra ;) Tack


2011-05-12 @ 19:08:32
Postat av: Catti

♥ Fan vad jag saknar dig Nadja!!

2011-05-12 @ 19:23:50

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